Every Client’s Face a Work of Art at Permanent Cosmetics By Rozan

By Mary Peinado
December 2004


Rose Ann Cloud

Rose Ann Cloud, Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician and owner of Permanent Cosmetics by Rozan, creates works of natural looking art on the faces of her clients. Cloud’s background in fine art includes oils on canvas, watercolors and acrylics, and this helped make it an easy transition when she added the art of natural looking permanent cosmetics to her skill set. Before opening her business in 2002, Cloud completed extensive study and certification requirements. She received a Permanent Cosmetic Certification under the direction of Sherry Hackett, Founder and Director of the prestigious Permanent Cosmetic Institute in Santa Monica. In addition, she participates in ongoing supplementary education that keeps her up to date on the most current techniques available in her industry. Cloud emphasizes the importance of her education, training and artistic background because there are a lot of technicians performing permanent cosmetics that are not certified and who do not have a clear understanding of color theory.
She learned this the hard way in 1992 when she had her eyebrows ineffectively colored by a technician who she later found out had no permanent cosmetics training and was by profession a phlebotomist. “When my eyebrow color quickly faded I learned that she was qualified to draw my blood but had no idea what she was doing with the art of permanent cosmetics,” said Cloud. She suggests that a client interested in receiving permanent cosmetics research the background, experience, and education of the technician in order to determine if she is qualified to perform safe, effective and natural looking work. It is imperative, said Cloud, that the technician understands color theory “or a client’s lips may end up purple, or her eyebrows or eyeliner the wrong color for her skin tone.” Cloud also suggests that clients find out if the technician is in good standing with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and if they have a current and valid business license that is specific to permanent cosmetics rather than other fields like esthetician work or hair styling. In addition, the technician should be able to show you hundreds of before and after photos of her own clients to verify the quality of her work. “When done correctly, permanent cosmetics can be wonderfully natural looking. Other people should not be able to tell that you are not wearing perfectly applied daily makeup,” she said. Cloud, who has applied permanent eyeliner, eyebrows and lip color to her own face, finds that her clients are amazed at how much her permanent makeup looks like regular makeup. “If it is obvious that you have permanent cosmetic work done, then the technician may have done a substandard job,” she said. Maggie Badih is very pleased with the results of the eyebrow and eyeliner procedures that she had Cloud perform…. “This has been a very positive experience for me that’s boosted my self esteem,” she said. “Rose Ann demonstrated a high level of talent and walked me through each step of the procedures.” Permanent Cosmetics By Rozan provides the services of applying eyeliner, eyebrows and lips for a natural makeup look that is permanent. She also specializes in corrective pigment camouflage and working with Alopecia (hair loss) clients. In addition, Cloud offers a 50% fee reduction for chemotherapy patients, before, during and after their treatments. Cloud insists on the highest standards of safety, including the use of specialized equipment and disposable instruments. She uses the same medical sterilization standards and procedures that physician use, in accordance with the Center for Disease Control.

For a free consultation, or to answer any questions, call (925) 200-2347. Permanent Cosmetics By Rozan is located in Antioch’s historic Rivertown district at 111 “I” Street.







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