Permanent Cosmetics By Rozan


How much money do women really spend on cosmetics every year? And how many times do women tire of putting on and taking off their make-up every day?

Although the word ‘permanent make-up’ sounds scary, Rose Ann Cloud, aka Rozan, is a professional dedicated to helping her clients experience minimal pain during their procedures.

What is permanent make-up anyway? According to Rozan’s website “Permanent Cosmetics is actually cosmetic tattooing and the application of pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.”

“I provide my service with a level of skillfulness that it is sometimes unapparent that I’ve been there.” “People should believe my clients have natural beauty,” exclaims the owner of the popular Antioch business that opened some years ago.

It is that artistic ability and quality customer service that has her highly doctor recommended offering cosmetic camouflage and permanent cosmetics as the owner of her company.

With a background in art and theatrical make-up, make-up design and special occasion cosmetic applications that span 20 years, Rozan added the art of Permanent Cosmetics to her extensive skill set when she began her education of Permanent Cosmetics in 2001

Serving a target market of anyone with allergies, athletic people and elderly people suffering from eyesight or dexterity problems, she has received special recognition such as the Featured Technician Award from the prestigious Permanent Cosmetic Institute.

An active member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), Rozan must meet the highest standards for safety and technical expertise. She insists on the highest standards of safety, including the use of specialized equipment and disposable instruments. Rozan implements the same medical sterilization standards and policies as the doctors who endorse her.

Permanent Cosmetics by Rozan offers her client’s extensive permanent beauty services for lips, eyebrows, eyes, face and body.

“I acknowledge I am taking on the accountability of changing someone’s face forever. I understand this profound statement, and I promise you an artistic and professional procedure!”

Permanent Cosmetics By Rozan is located in Antioch’s Rivertown District at 111 “I” Street in Antioch.

For a free consultation or questions call (925) 200-2347.

Open by appointment only.






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