September 2007


Permanent Beauty

It is about 6:00 a.m. in the morning on a beautiful August morning in the farmlands. Mt. Diablo has a slight hint of purple radiating from its normal colors of green and brown and the surrounding area still has stalks of Brentwood’s famous white corn standing tall in the morning sunlight. The sprinkler mist from the fields of beans look like diamonds floating in the sky. What a wonderful time to take a look in on a local business that can bring that much beauty to your face.

Rose Ann Cloud, a 20-year veteran in the beauty industry, is the owner of Permanent Cosmetics by Rozan, in the heart of the historic downtown of Antioch. Located at 111 “I” Street, you can’t miss this charming little business. At first glance, this immaculate building presents a genuine welcome with the white fence surrounding a quaint setting and views of the San Joaquin River. The artistic sign out front clearly tells you that you are at the right place.

Once inside, you begin to experience a certain level of comfort as you wait to talk to someone about permanently changing your face. As a grown woman, I can honestly say I have been drawing eyebrows on my face for over 30 years and have considered this procedure for many of them. Having never had the courage to even walk in the front door before, I must say even though I am on assignment, this was a very comfortable beginning.

I had done my research prior to my snooping in the front door on Rozan’s website at www.rozancloud.com and spent a half hour looking at her credentials and all those amazing changes on many of her clients. Included in her photo gallery are procedures on lips, eyelids, brows and corrective work, including camouflage and areola color reconstruction. If you are even considering this service, take a moment and write this website down to investigate all that she has accomplished in this industry and the amazing results she has achieved.

Once inside the procedure room you can clearly see the detail to perfection and cleanliness. Now is when your heart stops pounding and you realize that you might have the nerve to take the first step. After taking a few minutes talking with Rozan, you know that she is the professional that you read about on the website and is listed on the many certificates hanging on the wall. On assignment, it is often difficult to just inquire about a service, but Rozan gave me a vast amount of information about procedures, pricing and recovery time. I personally will be back to have Rozan take care of my eyebrows!
Permanent cosmetics is actually cosmetic tattooing of pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. From creating a subtle beauty mark to coloring your entire lip in your desired shade, this procedure generally takes up to two hours and you can resume normal activity right after the procedure. It benefits men and women, people with make-up allergies, people who are physically incapable of applying makeup and anyone who needs to correct asymmetrical facial features. There is some discomfort but the use of topical anesthetics can be used to minimize pain. There is full design preview done prior to the procedure and you are fully awake so you can instruct the technician during pigment placement.

So Rozan, if I had another column, I would still be talking about your wonderful business. So our readers are going to have to give you a call at 925-200-2347 or check in on your website. The Monthly Grapevine gives you five gold ribbons to add to your wall of accomplishments and for giving the east county the perfect place to find their permanent beauty. Who will be snooped next, it could be you.


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