About Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics is actually cosmetic tattooing!
Permanent Cosmetics is the application of pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.

Sanitary surroundings, sterile equipment (including disposable needles) are used to ensure your safety.

General Procedures

The Permanent Cosmetic procedure for eyebrows can look just like regular makeup (after it’s healed).  You can achieve a powdery looking brow (sometimes called a “feathered look”).  Anyone who desires more fullness of the brows, or if you’re missing just part of your eyebrows (perhaps just the tail of the brow), this procedure can be of great benefit to you.  A slight arch can be given to enhance your entire facial appearance.  The results can give your face a lifted look (a mini facelift without the scalpel).  Those of you who are used to applying eyebrow pencil every morning, will be able to get up and go (no more 30 minute sessions trying to get your brows EVEN).  You’ll even be able to wipe your forehead without the embarrassment of losing an eyebrow. 

A subtle, natural look that both male and female clients enjoy is called “Lash Enhancement”. The “Lash Enhancement” procedure is done by placing the pigments only in the lash line, (not above).  The “Lash Enhancement” procedure provides definition of the eye, without a “makeup” look.  Or, a more dramatic type of precise eyeliner can also be provided, for those of you who desire more a distinctive type of eyeliner.  Also available is the shadowing of the eyeliner color, (sometimes referred to as the "smudgy look" or “designer liner”).  This type of eyeliner looks smoky, soft and sultry. It is a definite, but natural type of eyeliner.

The Permanent Cosmetic procedure for lip color is beautifully natural.  It can change the appearance of the SIZE & SHAPE of your lips, as well as the COLOR.  A natural look, with soft pinks or neutrals is very popular for those wanting a boost where “Mother Nature” left off.  Or, a more dramatic depth of color can also be achieved if desired.  Another benefit is that the appearance of smoker’s lines and aging wrinkles diminished when a pleasant shape is achieved by a permanent cosmetic lip procedure.  When this procedure is performed properly, it will enhance your entire appearance.

LIP Pre-Procedure Precautions:
If you have ever had fever blisters or cold sores, we suggest that you obtain a prescription for an anti-viral medication from your physician prior to any lip procedure.  If you follow your physician’s directions, usually fever blisters and cold sores can be avoided during the healing of your lip procedure.

A subtle or dramatic look can be achieved by the correct placement of a beauty mark.

Duration of Procedures:
Most procedures take approximately an hour.  However, you need to plan on a two hour appointment.  Time is taken to discuss design, pick appropriate colors, paperwork, and take before and after pictures.  Usually about a month (6 weeks for lip clients) following the initial procedure, a “perfection visit” may be scheduled to insure the lines and colors are as desired.  There is no additional charge for the “perfection visit” if it is scheduled within 3 months of the initial visit.  “Maintenance” of permanent cosmetics may be required in the months or years to come.  So many factors can, and do affect the appearance of Permanent Cosmetics, and maintenance visits should be expected periodically.




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